Hi, I am Rocky—a researcher, writer, and lecturer.

My life has been an oscillation between academia and arts. I have founded Hompimpa Creativeworks where I dedicated most of my creative projects, which is no longer active.

I was born in Colorado, USA. The highest peak of the Rocky Mountains lies there. Now that’s a little geography. But it is possible that my parents were inspired by the mountains to give me that name. After they finished their studies in Colorado, we returned to Indonesia when I was four. Many years later, I lived in Jönköping, Sweden for three years and then Luxembourg for four years. Currently, I live Yogyakarta, Indonesia with my wife and two children. My research interests are in family business, organizational culture, tradition, and entrepreneurship.


I maintain this website primarily as a writing arena. Design-wise, this website is a field for content-publishing experimentation. My aim is to present to content as simply and clearly as possible. To this end, I’ve structured the website as follows.

The home page is where you can see all my writings. In the ‘photography’ section, you can find some of my photographs. There are several albums inside, click on the pictures to see it in larger size. Then in ‘videography’ section, you can take a look at my past videography projects. Some of them are made back in my Hompimpa days and you can visit my Vimeo to see more of them.

Should you have any comments, ideas, questions, or just want to say hello, at the bottom of this website there are icons for my social media and e-mail accounts. Just hit them. 

Oh, and one more thing. I should not forget to mention Squarespace for making all these possible—this website is designed and hosted through this brilliant platform.