On laziness: A conversation with Yugo Risfriwan

Below is a conversation via an online messenger that I had with Yugo Risfriwan. For reading purpose, I standardize the writing style from the original chat-style writing. My voice is written in bold, and Yugo’s is in normal text.


Anyway, I’m realizing a bit of paradox. When you’re busy, you seemed to have much ideas to do anything else. You wish you had more time. But when you’re in your spare time, you suddenly don’t want to do anything.

Well, you know what. I ALWAYS feel that way. [laughs] It’s not a paradox anymore for me. But yes, I can confirm that is true.

So you always feel you don’t want to do anything?

It’s like you have so little time, then you feel, “Aw, I wanna do this and that too.”

I think it’s the moment your mind wants to escape the busyness and it kinds of creates this thought that you want to do something else, but actually you are just lazy in doing a particular thing. That you escape it by having the excuse of “having something better to do.”

Well, that’s how I think of it. And well, it’s not something that you would want to believe. But yeah that’s how the mind plays tricks.

But yeah honestly that’s how I “make” myself feel.

Can I say that our mind makes a deception?

I guess. It’s an interesting thought, though. Never thought anybody else had the same thought.

I thought the same way. At least, I’m in that state right now. Today I have much of free time. Just laying in bed, do nothing useful.

I felt it mostly when I was at my last days in the college. I would always feel, “Hmm, now I would love to do anything else other then to do my end project.” But I think that’s how it is.

So this is the theory. It has to do with priorities and self satisfaction.

At first, when you are doing a job and you like it. There is always going to be other jobs that you like more when you are doing that certain job. For example, washing the car. And suddenly you think, “I would rather get my homework done than wash the car.” But in another situation when you’re doing something you don’t like, it’s like, “I would rather WASH THE CAR!”

Your priorities are on the top list. To make it easy, when even our top priorities are done easily and you have more spare time, then you think, “What is it that I like to do?” Then it happens. Well, of course I wanna lay in bed.

So basically when you’re busy and you wanna escape a task, you think of another task that is easier and more likable to do. So when you’re busy, it’s just that you wanna escape by doing things that are less hard and enjoyable.

So imagine you’re fixing a rocket ship. Then it’s like, “I wanna go back to fixing cars.” [laughs]

So I think that’s the logic.

The thing is, some parts of our mind always want to escape.

Even the easiest task. Yes.

Even when you just sit in your room and browse the web. And then you thought, “I’m going to lay in bed.”

Since it’s better then sitting. Hehe, exactly.

What is this kind of mind that humans have.

So, relativity of task exists.

So when you’re busy, it’s just that you wanna escape by doing things that are less hard and enjoyable.

I can’t believe this is real.

Something Einstein hasn’t thought of. [laughs]

I don’t know, but maybe only lazy persons like us who think about it. We try to theorize laziness.

If we were actually lazy, we wouldn’t even think about it in the first place. But actually it is true. It just made me think of it when you told me about it. And just realized, “Oh yeah, so that’s why it is.”

But that’s the thing, though part our mind wants to escape, but another part of it tries to figure out what’s happening. And yet our body just follows that escape part.

Giving us this, “ARGGHHH, I want to do sooo many things” idea. I think it’s more of a priority management problem. Something I honestly can’t handle.

Well, guess what. If someone asks you why are people lazy? Well, now you have an answer.