Asking ‘why’ deep enough

Imagine that you encounter a kid who always asks ‘why’. Every time you give an answer, he replies to you with another ‘why’. You try to be patient and once again answer the question, but it doesn’t stop your little fellow to ask you why is your answer the case. Your answer triggers more questions.

And it is not only for children, we do this kind of thing as an adult too. As a human being, maybe it runs through our blood that we want explanation. We want the world around us to make sense. Because if the world makes sense, we ‘feel’ more in control. If we are more in control, we feel better. But finding out the right answer to the why is by no means easy. I have to admit that sometimes I couldn’t provide a satisfactory answer to a kid’s ‘why’ question. To answer the ‘why’s requires a deliberate thinking.

The worrying fact is, there are many more things out there that we don’t know. And every exploration seduces us to ask why yet again. But that is the thing, every why that we ask pushes us to a deeper level. But just how deep should we go by asking why? We can’t ask why forever. Or can we?

But just how deep should we go by asking why? We can’t ask why forever. Or can we?

The ability (and the courage) to ask questions is what makes us human. The blessing of being human is that we are able to reason. And a question enables reasoning. And because we need a reason, we might as well ask ourselves: Why do we exist? For what purpose? Why do I like design but not accounting? Why life puts me here and not at another place? What kind of significance am I playing in this world that only me can fulfill?

I believe that by asking ‘why’ deep enough, we can enrich our life. We may or may not know the answer anytime soon; we may even get more puzzled by the messiness it would create. And that is the point, it makes us move to find the right one. And movement is a sign of life. If—eventually—we found an answer, that is a bonus.