Social reality, criticality & family business

Before I begin, I have a confession to make. I am bad at writing long sentences. My ideas are usually short and unorganised. That is why I thought, it would be better if I write them down in slides rather than the normal text style. In this way I could rearrange ideas that might go together without worrying about constructing a paragraph. So it is short, to the point, and I don’t have the text-format burden to write at length.

All right, now back to business.

I’ve been reading the book titled “The Social Construction of Reality” by Berger and Luckmann (1967) and, upon reading, a lightbulb flashed on my head about how family business is a very relevant context to study if it is framed through the sociology of knowledge. So, here it is: the social construction of reality, criticality, and how it makes sense to study family business. Enjoy!

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