There is no birth without pain

Every birth is painful. Obviously, a mother that gives birth to her child is experiencing the greatest pain of her life. But a birth of anything is also true that it is always painful: a birth of a book, a song, a product, a business, a thesis (well, that is painful), anything.

But why it has to be so painful? 

Perhaps because it marks the transition of realms. A baby enters a new realm when he slides away from his mother’s womb. A book enters a new realm when it is written out from the author’s mind. A business enters a new realm when people believe the idea and take action on it. When something is born, it takes a new form in a new plane of reality.

Or perhaps, because a birth wants its conceiver to remember how precious it is. Because a birth wants its presence in the new realm be cheered with joy and deepest appreciation.

So, every time you feel in a great pain—maybe you are launching a new business, writing a song, a book, or a thesis—you know that your ‘child’ is about to be born in this fascinating world. Why not enjoy the process? Rejoice!