We learn from the past to create the future

Kids are amazing. Their energies are endless. Their eyes spark like stars that contain all the futures in the world. They are curious and always excited to learn anything. Unlike adults who worry about their future and trapped by their past, kids totally live in the present. If they fall they cry out loud, if they are happy they laugh sincerely. All out, with no slice of hesitation. But even though they live in the present, their presence projects the future.

As a generation that precedes them, our presence is a fraction of the past. We learn through experience what works and what doesn’t. We learn through our mistakes what should not be repeated. And we learn through our success what must be heeded.

For kids, the world is wide open. Their curiosity will guide them to learn something new. Go for it and explore. We, the parents, will always stand beside you. Come to us, ask us questions. We hope through our humble experience we can answer them and help you learn. But if not, we are more than willing to look for the answer together.

Maybe, by going to the museum. :)