Learning is journeying

Learning is journeying. And like traveling, journeying means that we depart from our familiar dwelling to a place that is new and strange to us. But unlike traveling, journeying is a difficult and long process with no clear view of where it will end. Therefore, a journeyman (and woman) is forever a guest to what he visits. Each step taken is a step of respect. And strangeness is not to be judged and beaten up by his pre-conceptions but to be given space to shape his world-view in apprehending it.

It is true that to get things done you need to stick to what you know. But to enrich what you do and how you think, you have to admit what you don’t know. This is what learning is about. To learn requires you to be thrown off-balance. To be uncomfortable. To be exposed. To take the courage and say to yourself, “I don’t know” and then starts to appreciate others.