Possibility or certainty?

Intuitively, people choose certainty over possibility. Just like there is more appeal in the ‘certainty of help’ than the ‘possibility of help’.

But the problem is people are attracted more to what is visible than what is not. And the certainty of things are sometimes less visible than the possibility of things.

Humans are visible beings and they live under possibilities.

As possible beings, humans can only offer possibility. Yet their visibility makes possibility appear like certainty.

A Certain Being, in contrast, offers certainty. Yet His invisibility makes certainty appear like possibility.

And the guide is clear … 

“Behold the Book! No trace of doubt in it.

A guide to the pious;

To those wh believe in the Unseen; who perform prayer; and who spend from our bounty;

Those too who believe in what has been revealed to you; and what has been revealed before you; and who know for certain that there is an afterlife.

These are truly guided by their Lord;  these are truly saved.”

— Qur’an Surah al-Baqoroh (1–5)