Culture is everything we do (and it can be an excuse too)

I walked briskly on the busy morning of Luxembourg central station area. People moved around in streams, students, businessmen (and women), important-looking people in suits and even beggars. Some hopped to the bus and some got off. Some read the free newspaper and some filled the patisseries for a breakfast. These are perhaps the morning routine that people do. Routine, as it is repeatedly done so that people don't need to think much about doing this everyday. And for a newcomer like myself, I couldn't help but to be aware to what goes on my surroundings. Everything is new and therefore it struck my attention to it. I was very much aware to the bad smell of the piss when passing through the renovated building, I was very aware of the beggars on certain places, and I was aware to the fast walking of the people around me. To blend into this routine feels like I am part of the Luxembourger society (and slowly I think less and less about my surroundings, I began to take them for granted). This is how it is done here.

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