Last-minute management vs. first-minute management

To do a task in last minute is … addictive. You knew that it may do harm on you, but you just can’t help doing it. And it is done due to various reasons. Some people do things last minute simply because they like to procrastinate (their slogan is ‘if it can be done later, why do it now?’), while some others do it because it is when the inspiration kicks in. In most cases, though, it is both: people like to procrastinate and the inspiration comes at the end. It is thrilling, exciting, energizing precisely because the sheer time limit that we are faced with. It is that thrill you got when you made it through ‘the eye of a needle’, that adrenaline boost you got when the clock is ticking as the deadline approaches, that laser-like focus of your mind—life couldn’t be much more alive than being in those moments.

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