Grateful, thankful

There is a moment when you do something good and it leads to another thing you never imagine. For me, it is the moment when I feel so grateful about life. I'm so grateful that I feel all the things I do couldn't be enough to repay what I've been given. And the only way to repay it is by keep on doing a better good, then that thing will lead you to the next other thing.

By keep on doing things, you try to push the boundary bit by bit. Once Margaret Tatcher said that it is not about 'to be', but it is about 'to do'. What is essential is what we do, and what we become is just the consequence. We live in this world is to do something, to be something is just the effect.

Do good. Everyday. You will be grateful, and thankful.

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Sustainable entrepreneurial performance

This morning I had a presentation for the course on Corporate Entrepreneurship and Strategic Renewal. One of the contents is that the group has to develop a theoretical framework to apply it to the organization that we are analyzing. This time we chose Bolt Kommunikation, Sweden's most creative advertising agency in 2011. We are so proud to be in contact with them.

On this project, one thing that I feel really good is on the framework we develop. Then I got home from the university and I was thinking that it might be good if I can make a video about the framework and share it. So here it is. :)

Manage your passion and earn for living: A conversation with Janet Echelman

Last night, I stumbled on a TED Live Conversation with Janet Echelman, a renowned sculptor. Despite my hesitation (timidity, to be precise), I braced myself and took that opportunity to write her a question about my long-time unanswered dilemma.

After almost 1 hour of waiting, I was lucky that she replied to my question. Below is the original excerpt from the session, I hope her answer might help you too (I deleted the preamble greetings and salutations—like ‘hello’, or ‘thank you’—just to make it straight to the point).

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